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Virginia Is At Its Best When It’s At The Beach

Bench and ocean view

About Transcendent Stays

Transcendent Stays is a locally driven group based in Virginia Beach with a team on the ground to provide an elevated experience for all our guests. Our company started in residential home building then began to enterprise in impactful land planning and development. We have added to our focus by building life-long guest relationships in the short-term rental space. We believe that Transcendent Stays truly stands out from the crowd and that all spaces we offer should transcend the norm. All the while providing a unique experience, our stays are clean, fresh, and well-designed with up-to-date features and finishes to bring hotel cleanliness and consistency into the realm of practical and memorable. We have created a space for you to escape the daily routine and enter a world of possibilities making your stay personal, comfortable, and effortless. Our entity strives to provide a frictionless guest experience. We hope you enjoy and become a partner for a lifetime.

Our Experience

We offer sample itineraries that our guests are welcome to use to get the most out of our stays. Among the many experiences that are offered in the area, are tours through the Vibe district. A creative art and culture part of town with farmers’ markets, coffee shops, breweries, local boutiques and much more. Another hot spot is dolphin watching through the beach access between 83rd -89th Street. What some locals call dolphin cove where they migrate in from the Chesapeake Bay. For the nature lovers, Rudee Walk and First Landing state park is where you want to be. You can experience waterways, bike paths, hiking trails such as the amazing Osprey Trail, and north end public beaches that offer a more private feel. Your Virginia Beach adventure awaits!
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