Virginia Beach Rentals for Groups

Looking for spacious accommodations for large groups? Dive into our selection of multi-house options, side-by-side residences with ample parking, or sprawling homes boasting numerous bedrooms and beds. Ideal for family reunions, bridal parties, or any sizable gathering, these accommodations offer the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. Whether it’s multiple houses within close proximity or a single large home with an array of beds, our rentals cater to groups looking for seamless stays where everyone can be together, creating unforgettable memories in spaces tailored to accommodate everyone’s needs. Enjoy the convenience of larger parking areas, expansive common spaces, and the flexibility to tailor your stay to suit your group’s preferences.

Boasting six bedrooms adorned with twelve cozy beds and catering perfectly to larger groups, Bayberry is the ultimate group getaway. With spacious gathering areas and elegant furnishings, this abode offers ample room for vibrant group activities or serene relaxation after days spent exploring nearby attractions like the boardwalk, aquarium, Vibe District, and various shops. Embracing coastal living, the residence features a shimmering pool and easy beach access, providing an ideal fusion of upscale comfort and proximity to Virginia Beach’s diverse offerings, making it the ultimate choice for groups seeking both comfort and convenience.

23rd Street Retreats –
406 23rd, 407 22.5

The Coastal Retreats are a pair of two newly constructed luxury short-term rental homes designed for larger groups seeking a seamless, close-knit retreat. Each home features four spacious bedrooms adorned with five comfortable beds and four modern bathrooms, ensuring ample space and comfort for guests. Emphasizing spaciousness and versatility, the homes boast expansive gathering areas, ideal for vibrant group interactions, shared meals, or serene relaxation after days exploring nearby attractions.
A trio of newly crafted luxury short-term rental homes, the Perfect Shore Stays are perfectly clustered within a stone’s throw of each other, creating an exceptional opportunity for larger groups seeking a unified escape by the oceanfront. Each home is a spacious haven, featuring abundant rooms, ample beds, and inviting communal areas that beckon for group gatherings and shared moments. Tailored for togetherness, these residences provide an ideal backdrop for vibrant interactions and relaxation, offering an ideal base for exploration near the vibrant oceanfront attractions. They collectively offer twelve bedrooms, fourteen beds, and ten baths. Nestled close to the beach and all the captivating coastal experiences, these homes promise an unforgettable stay, allowing larger groups to revel in luxurious accommodations and immediate access to Virginia Beach’s seaside delights.
Discover a collection of four newly renovated vacation rental homes, aligned side by side on a vibrant street in the heart of the Virginia Beach Vibe District. Ideal for larger groups seeking both togetherness and individual space, the Vibe Houses boast comfortable rooms, well furnished interiors, and multiple beds. With a focus on group gatherings, these residences feature perfect gathering areas, while also allowing for privacy and independent living within each house. In addition to being a short drive or walk to the beach, the homes collectively offer multiple amenities like a pool, relaxing hot tub, hammocks, and a sprawling backyard. The convenience of ample parking options with multiple driveways adds to the ease of a group stay, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for those seeking a blend of shared moments and personal relaxation in the vibrant Virginia Beach locale. With a selection of multiple houses boasting different amenities, The Vibe Houses allow you to personalize your group’s stay with ease.
Perfectly situated close to the beach, this Inn at Old Beach is an ideal choice for those yearning for a collective yet private stay. With separate rooms and the option for larger luxury suites, it caters effortlessly to diverse group needs, ensuring everyone’s comfort and convenience. The Inn boasts a welcoming common area, where guests can unwind, mingle, and on weekends, take part in a delicious breakfast together. For added convenience, washers and dryers are available, making longer stays a breeze. Plus, for those seeking exclusivity, the option to reserve the entire Inn provides an intimate setting for a memorable group gathering by the beach.
Great for Groups

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