Your Guide to the Virginia Beach Sports Center

Your Guide to the Virginia Beach Sports Center

Nestled along the dreamy coastline of Virginia Beach, the Virginia Beach Sports Center stands as a beacon for sport enthusiasts and athletes alike. This state-of-the-art facility is a hub of energy, competition, and stands as a testament to the thriving sports culture in the region. In this guide, we’ll explore what makes this sports center a must-visit destination for athletes and spectators.

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Virginia Beach Sports Center Facility Overview

The Virginia Beach Sports Center is a marvel of modern architecture and is the largest and newest indoor sports complex on the East Coast. Boasting a world-class facility, it serves as a premier venue for various athletic events, tournaments, and competitions, steps away from the Virginia Beach Convention Center and the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. The venue is equipped with a 285,000-square-foot facility, over 5000 seats, an outdoor plaza space, 12 basketball courts, 24 volleyball courts, a 200-meter hydraulic banked track, and six multipurpose rooms. Click here for more information about enjoying the open gym!

Indoor Track and Field

At the heart of the Virginia Beach Sports Center is its impressive indoor track and field facility. The state-of-the-art track is made of high-performance materials, ensuring athletes can push their limits in a controlled and supportive environment. 

Basketball and Volleyball Courts

This sports center is also home to numerous basketball and volleyball courts. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a college team, or someone who just enjoys a pickup game with friends, the center provides top-notch courts for both practice and competition.

Events and Tournaments

Throughout the year, the Virginia Beach Sports Center hosts a diverse array of events and tournaments. The atmosphere is electric, making it an exciting experience for both participants and spectators.

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